Personal Development

Vision Boarding Sessions

At Mission Mobile Massage we not only help improve people’s quality of life at the physical and energetic level through therapeutic massage services — we can help you improve your quality of life through highly intentional vision boarding.

Vision boards may sound like something from your school age years or “just for women,” but they are just as relevant and powerful for adults — both men and women — and often even more so.

What you Receive:

Ken will lead your customized vision board session and playfully challenge you to determine what your biggest life goals are.

We bring all physical materials needed except tables and chairs.

You bring your imagination, open mind, and top desires for the ultimate quality of life possible.  A large, quiet room at your office or home with plenty of natural light is the best environment.

Why is this 3 hours?

Creativity grows organically from thinking, reflecting, and writing down your innermost desires, fears, and cherished life goals.  And if you don’t believe you have any, we’ll help you find what you really came here for. Designing your life probably happens best over a relaxed several hour period – not shoved into a 50 minute time block.

Even if you only begin to scratch the surface of what your “life purpose” is during our session, you will have an amazing vision board to inspire you daily for the rest of this year and even the next 3-5 years.

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